Nestled within an enchanting forest lies the quaint city of Katerdam, a place the Kater family has long called home. The melodious Blauw River courses through the city, its soothing babble a constant backdrop to the bustling streets. Tulips, in a kaleidoscope of colors, bloom profusely, their fragrance weaving the very spirit of Katerdam. These flowers are more than mere botanical beauties; they are the essence, the emblem, and the soul of the city.

By day, the Katers engage in their daily endeavors—fishing, tending to verdant gardens, crafting from wood. Their conversations fill the air, punctuated occasionally by spirited debates. As evening descends, the city glows under the soft light of lanterns, and the harmonica's mellow tunes drift from the windows. Along the riverside, the Kater family congregates, basking in the starlight that begins to pierce the dusky sky.

Katerdam is a haven of tranquility where the twelve members of the Kater family savor life's simple joys, embracing their unique quirks and differences. And, true to their feline nature, they indulge in the art of slumber, for in Katerdam, to sleep is to dream.

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