The magician one

Svart, the Kater family’s feline enigma, reigns as the mad scientist, magician, and innovator of Katerdam. His mastery over arcane implements and the art of crafting unique devices for his kin is unparalleled.

The daily operations of Katerdam are facilitated by tools forged by Svart. His methods are shrouded in magic, his aura perpetually cloaked in mystery. His laboratory is a sanctum where entry is forbidden, and he is often seen clutching a journal inscribed with a secret script, indecipherable to all.

Yet, one certainty prevails about Svart: his peculiar fondness for apples. They are his chosen currency, the preferred tribute for his ingenious inventions. However, Svart consuming these fruits is a sight yet unseen; he merely collects them and vanishes into the confines of his lab, deepening the enigma that surrounds him.

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