The wise one

Bianco, the eldest and sage member of the Kater family, is revered as the most respected among his siblings. Family members consistently seek his counsel. He is a staunch advocate for truth, believing in its power to redeem. His greatest adversary is ignorance, and he is perpetually in pursuit of knowledge. A book is his constant companion. His expansive library, housed within his venerable abode, is a trove of literature on every conceivable subject.

While Bianco is acknowledged as the father figure of the Kater family, this does not guarantee unwavering adherence from the others. Nonetheless, time and again, they realize that Bianco’s insights were correct, and their own judgments, flawed.

He stands as a paternal figure to his siblings, nurturing and endeavoring to foster harmony among them. In times of conflict, it is Bianco who orchestrates reconciliation.

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