Welcome to the Rode Kater NFT Collection documentation. This unique collection celebrates the whimsical world of the Kater family, a feline clan residing in the city of Katerdam. At the heart of the series is Rode, the youngest and most adventurous of the twelve siblings. Each NFT captures a slice of life from the Katers’ daily escapades in Katerdam, offering a glimpse into their charming urban tales.

Crafted meticulously by hand using the Procreate app, these artworks are a testament to the human touch, with no AI involvement in their creation. Designed for connoisseurs of fine art and storytelling, the Rode Kater Collection invites you to indulge in the beauty and narrative of each lovingly created piece.

The NFTs are showcased on the Objkt platform, with each artwork being a limited edition of only three copies.

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